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Project News


Wheatley is getting closer and closer to being completed! Here’s what’s happened since the last update:

  • All of his internal wiring is finished and secured. I managed to position everything so that it doesn’t interfere with his motion!
  • The Sides and Handles are currently being painted by my artist neighbor. She’s mostly done with the Handles and has started on the Sides. Even though they aren’t complete yet, they’re looking fabulous!
  • As for holding the Sides on, I actually found some super-thin yet quite strong Velcro. It works very well. Each side is held on by only 2 strips, yet I have to struggle a bit to get them off. I’m really happy about that!

Once my neighbor is done painting those pieces, all that’s left to do is put the on/off switches on, add some cosmetic details, adjust the code for the Handle movement, and finish the paint job on his body! I’m so excited!

I’m also working on the Aperture Science Personalized Personality Core Carrier to carry Wheatley around with. It’s basically a baby carrier for a Personality Core. Wheatley weighs 6-10lbs so it’ll be nice to not have to carry that around Comic Con the whole time!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Recent Wheatley Antics


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More highlights coming in the future!