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Project News


Well, Spring Break is almost over. I’ve made some progress, but not as much as I had hoped. There were some unforeseen complications that occurred that have (once again) put me behind schedule. Wheatley will be finished soon, just not as soon as I had hoped.

Let’s start with the positive. Today my artistically talented neighbor Hydee painted the faceplate and eyelids. She helped me paint my first Wheatley and graciously volunteered to paint this one too. All I can say is “WOW!”

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I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! It’s amazing what a couple coats of paint can do! I am extremely grateful that she wants to help with this project.

I also trimmed down the plastic lens I acquired for Wheatley’s optic. Last year I had wanted to find something with the hexagonal texture similar to Wheatley’s optic, that way it would be easy to use decals to make it actually look like it. After a long search, I found a security light at Home Depot that had just the right pattern. It came with a bunch of other electronic parts inside, so I think it was worth the $30-something I paid for it. I broke one of my favorite pairs of cutters in the process of trimming, but other than that it went pretty smoothly.

Now, on to the setbacks. Four years ago, it was very easy to find transparent printable sticker paper at Walmart. Today, not even the office supply stores around me carry it. I got really frustrated and couldn’t think of what to do until I remembered that Amazon Prime is a thing I have. I found the sticker paper and ordered it, but I have to wait for it to come on Saturday. Since I want to make sure Wheatley’s optic looks good before I secure it into his faceplate, this means that everything else waits until Saturday too.

Another setback that frustrated me was the Sides and Handles. I mentioned last week that I would have to rebuild the Handle connections on the Sides (I had tried to drill them out previously and the drill bit broke pieces off on every connection point). I finished rebuilding them Tuesday afternoon and, what to my surprise, the Handles didn’t fit any more. I have become very tired of fighting with parts this far into the project, so I had the Sides and Handles reprinted. This time they include all of the corrections and updates I’ve added while I’ve been working on the project, so there shouldn’t be any functional problems. It just means that I have to sand. Everything. AGAIN.

There aren’t any scheduled days off until the end of Spring Semester, so I’m not sure if Wheatley will be finished until then. He will absolutely be done once Summer hits, because I will have a bunch of free time then.

Progress marches onward!

Recent Wheatley Antics


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More highlights coming in the future!