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Well, the Sound Board fiasco is over. I received my replacement board in the mail today. It is now all wired up and functioning as it should be. While I’m glad that it’s working now, in the process of putting it all back together I discovered something that I needed to change.

When connected to the rechargeable batteries, the speaker amp was severely influenced by noise on the power lines (small fluctuations from components drawing power at different times). Also, when the LED light ring I’m using to simulate Wheatley’s speech was connected to the rechargeable batteries it was illuminated constantly, again due to power line noise.

While I know there is a way to isolate and eliminate said noise, I’m really tired of fighting with the whole electrical system. So, I wired the sound system to its own batteries. The different components will now be powered by 7 AA batteries and one 9v battery.

Thinking about it now, I hope the noise issue doesn’t come back to haunt me with the servos. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Hopefully the next update won’t be as short or boring as the last few have been. Now that the major sound system issues are taken care of, I can get back to working on what needs to be done.

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