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Project News


So back in March, I had decided that I’d use an assembly made of Lego gears and pieces to make Wheatley’s Handles move. It seemed like a sound idea, so I didn’t do anything more on it.

Two nights ago I used some hot glue to assemble it with the servo and do a test fit with the Sides. The mechanism itself worked perfectly but, despite my best efforts, it still wasn’t small enough. It protruded just enough that the Faceplate would hit it whenever it moved, so I went back to the drawing board. After doing more research and waiting for Amazon’s 2-Day Shipping, I’ve come up with an alternate solution:

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I found some Common Sense Ultra Micro Servos on Amazon in a 4-pack for $32 ($8 per servo). They were small enough to fit inside the base of the Handles and not protrude or mess up the aesthetic of the design too much, so I decided to use them. I’ll also have to change how the Handles come apart to keep Wheatley accessible and serviceable, but it’s the solution that will work the best.

The funny thing about all this is that this solution is quite similar to one of the first ways I had designed the Handles to work in the first place (see entry on 10.29.16)! If I had just stuck with it and done more research, I could’ve saved myself time and money. Alas, this is the hard part about trying to prototype and build a finished project at the same time.

As soon as I cut the notches for the servo horns in the Sides and secure everything with Apoxie Sculpt, I’ll finally be ready to put all of the servos into Wheatley, add a few dabs of hot glue, and upload a video of his first movement test!

Recent Wheatley Antics

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More highlights coming in the future!