Build Your Own Wheatley!

Can you buy my Wheatley? No.

Can you make your own? YES!

Turret Production Short GIF

You’re not going to need some big computerized production line like the one above to build your own Wheatley (or any other Personality Core). However, it does take knowledge in certain areas to make you things come to life. If you would like to ask questions about Wheatley or need some direction while making your own Personality Core, email me at:

I’ll try to help as best as I can and answer as fast as I can. Life happens, you know.

Things I Will Do

  • Give Building Advice
  • Suggest Materials
  • Answer Design/Function Questions
  • Help With Basic Arduino Coding Questions
  • Provide Directions For Finding Reference Materials
  • Share His Code With You [Click Here to Download It]
  • Etc

Things I Will NOT Do

  • Give You Money
  • Help You Get Money
  • Give You My Design Files
  • Modify His Code For You
  • Physically Send Things To You
  • Etc

I will help you via email to the best of my ability, but I will NOT do your work for you.

Happy building!