This is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions I get about Animatronic Wheatley. I will try to keep this list up to date as the questions come.

Where Can I Find Your 3D CAD Files?

I have chosen not to share publicly the 3D files used to make Wheatley, because they are incomplete. The files by themselves would not allow a functional robot to be made. There are many things I did to modify the design physically after printing, such as sanding, drilling holes, adding other features with new material, etc. I don’t feel comfortable releasing incomplete files, because it wouldn’t be fair to those who’d want to use them. I also no longer have the time/motivation to finish the files, so they won’t be released in the future either.

  • However, there is a maker named Cerb who has files available publicly to make a miniature articulated Wheatley figure. You can make the files life-size by scaling them to 518.07%. You could even add robotics to them too! You’ll find his files Here.

What CAD Program Did You Use To Design Wheatley?

OnShape. It’s free for anyone, especially hobbyists, to use publicly. Click Here to check it out!

Why Don’t You Have A Step-By-Step Walkthrough Showing How To Make Wheatley?

I don’t have specific step-by-step instructions because this was a 2 year long hobby project. I simply kept track of how the project evolved. I’m not sure I’d even be capable of making step-by-step instructions at this point. If you’d like to correspond with me and get advice on building your own Wheatley, Click Here!

Where Can I Download The Code You Used For Wheatley?

Right Here! Wheatley’s code took a lot of effort to produce and may not be perfect. I have tried to simplify it as much as possible. Thanks again to Kristian Lauszus for his help on the project! To use this code, you’ll need a few things:

Where Did You Get Wheatley’s Voice Lines?

Wheatley’s Voice Lines are publicly available Here. 

  • If you’re interested in voice lines for other Portal characters, The Portal Wiki has them all. Click Here to check them out.

Can I Pay You For Your Wheatley/To Make Me a Wheatley?

I do not intend to make and/or sell any animatronic puppets. That would infringe on Valve’s copyright(s) and intellectual property. However, I am willing to correspond with you about the build and offer advice for building your own! To learn more about the help I can offer you, Click Here!

Where Can I Find The List Of What You Used To Build Wheatley?

The Bill of Materials is found with the last post in the Work Log. Scroll all the way to the bottom of This Page.

Do You Have Social Media?

Not for Wheatley specifically, but if you’re looking for more Portal/Portal 2-related content, you can follow my Tumblr Blog!