Animatronic Wheatley In The News

Rare Videogame Animatronics by Fastpass Facts– Animatronic Wheatley was featured in a list of rare and interesting animatronics based on video games!

Salt Lake FanX 2018 – Gavin Hits the Cosplay Scene– My cousin and I were interviewed by a local university’s student media team at FanX!

Wheatley from Portal 2 comes to life with Arduino

DIY: Animatronic Wheatley from Portal with Arduino

Portal Personality “Wheatley” Constructed Over Two Years

SparkFun on Twitter

Instructables on Pinterest

[More Links to come as I find them! Let me know in the comments below if you see my Wheatley featured somewhere!]

Other Wheatley Projects

Jennifer Sorrell (Furin)’s Wheatley Puppet– An amazing, articulated hand puppet!

Laura San’s Wheatley Puppet– A more cost effective version of Furin’s!

Alexander, Brooks, and Connor’s Animatronic Wheatley– A Freshmen Engineering Project for Drexel University!

Mike (Bio-Bot)’s 1/2 Scale Wheatley Project– An abandoned project to make a 1/2 scale RC Wheatley!

Slythenperior’s Mini Wheatley/Personality Core Build– A seemingly abandoned project with fantastic detailed design!

Mario Mayer (ThePropBox)’s Animatronic Wheatley– A seemingly abandoned, full-size 3D Printed Wheatley project. It’s the most detailed one I’ve ever come across!

Rio King’s Management-Rail-Mounted Robot Wheatley– An awesome RC Wheatley Animatronic, Management Rail included! (Here’s an extra video to see how they made him!)

Genevieve Bee’s Robotic Wheatley– Based on Furin’s Wheatley Puppet and my own Animatronic Wheatley v1.0!

CyberSage87AMV’s Animatronic Wheatley– A very clean looking, purely animatronic Wheatley with multiple functions!

BlueWheatField’s Wheatley Figure– A wonderful little basketball-sized poseable figure!

Chris Hooton’s 7″ Wheatley Figure–  A poseable, hand-crafted prop replica that lights up!

GameGuyDave’s Personality Core Puppet– A handmade prop that emulates multiple cores!

Ammnra’s 2″ Personality Core Figures– Tiny but versatile figures, able to move very close to the ones in-game and completely customizable!

Cerb’s Articulated Wheatley from Portal 2– An extremely detailed Wheatley figure made to 1/10 scale to match the Portal 2 NECA Action Figures! 3D Printable too!

Norwood Cosplay’s Animatronic Wheatley– A father and child team who built a fully Animatronic Wheatley that hangs from a rail mounted to a Companion Cube, and is controlled by a wireless Portal Gun! This project is super neat!

PunishedProp’s Wheatley Figure– A great-looking cosplay prop!

Zappender’s Wheatley Figure– A detailed Wheatley figure that’s great for cosplay photos!

Justin M’s Animatronic Wheatley– The first major audio animatronic he built, and recently restored to its former glory! (See also his GLaDOS animatronic!)

Snow Builder’s EVA Foam Wheatley Prop– A very nice looking, lightweight Wheatley prop built for cosplay!

[More Wheatley Projects to come as I find them! Let me know in the comments below if you find any Wheatley projects not listed here!]

Links To Other Portal Content

Official Portal 2 Website

Download Portal 2 Soundtrack, Videos, Comic, Etc.

Search and Download Portal 2 Voice Lines Easily

Experience the Old

Play Aperture Science DS, a Homebrew Nintendo DS Portal Game! (Page links provided below because the original website no longer exists, and the archive can be difficult to navigate)

3D Print an Animatronic GLaDOS Lamp

Make Your Own Long-Fall Boots

Make Your Own Portal Turret

My YouTube Channel

YouTube Playlist of Portal-Related Videos

Field Of Freedom – Soft Cara Mia Addio Loop with Nature Sounds

[More Links to come as I find them! Suggestions in the comments below are appreciated!]

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