This is where I stash all of my links to cool, Portal-and-Portal-related pages, as well as all of the Wheatley Projects I’ve ever run across.

Take a look!

Links To Cool Portal Content

Ask Animatronic Wheatley Tumblr– My cousin ran this for a while. Not sure if there will be any updates anytime soon.

[More Links to come as I find them! Suggestions in the comments are appreciated!]

Other Wheatley Projects

Jennifer Sorrell (Furin)’s Wheatley Puppet– The first one I ever ran across!

Laura San’s Wheatley Puppet– A more cost effective version of Furin’s!

Alexander, Brooks, and Connor’s Animatronic Wheatley– A Freshmen Engineering Project for Drexel University!

Mike (Bio-Bot)’s 1/2 Scale Wheatley Project– An abandoned project to make a 1/2 scale RC Wheatley!

Slythenperior’s Mini Wheatley/Personality Core Build– Extremely detailed design!

Mario Mayer (ThePropBox)’s Animatronic Wheatley– The most comprehensive 3D Printed Wheatley I’ve come across yet!

Rio King’s Management-Rail-Mounted Robot Wheatley– This one looks like it will turn out great!

Genevieve Bee’s Robotic Wheatley– Based on Furin’s Wheatley Puppet and my own Animatronic Wheatley v1.0!

CyberSage87AMV’s Animatronic Wheatley– A very clean looking, purely animatronic Wheatley with multiple functions!

BlueWheatField’s Wheatley Figure– A wonderful little basketball-sized poseable figure!

Chris Hooton’s 7″ Wheatley Figure–  A poseable, hand-crafted prop replica that lights up!

GameGuyDave’s Personality Core Puppet– Very DIY and emulates multiple Cores!

Ammnra’s 2″ Personality Core Figures– Extremely versatile, able to move very close to the ones in-game, and completely customizable!

[More Wheatley Projects to come as I find them! Suggestions in the comments are appreciated!]


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