Portal Holiday Spirit Initiative


I realize that the end of the year is tough for a lot of people, for various reasons. In order to spread a little happiness each year, I have started making and sending out Portal-Themed Holiday Cards each December, to anyone who would like one. The cards are customized to match any December Holiday of your choice and are mailed right to your door/emailed right to your inbox!

The form to fill out and request a card can be found Here. Requests are only available between Nov 20th and Dec 20th, in order to give me enough time to send out all the cards before the end of the year.

  • Physically mailed cards include Portal-themed packaging! Please don’t be afraid to request a card if you don’t live in the US! It might take a bit longer for you to receive your card depending on what country you live in, but they do get mailed to whatever address you provide, whether domestic or foreign.
  • Digital eCards come as PDF attachments in an email! I provide this option in case it’s easier for you or your circumstances don’t allow you to receive a physical card, for whatever reason. Each year after the event is over, card designs get turned into PDF documents and posted on this page. Feel free to print out any card you’d like!

Feel free to leave a comment below if there’s a Holiday/Character combination you’d like to see made that isn’t currently available. Thanks!

[Tip: Use CRTL+F/CMD+F to easily search this page for the holiday/character of your choice!]

2019 Holiday Cards

If printing double-sided, be sure to set your printer to “Flip on Short Edge”!





New Year

Season’s Greetings


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