Wheatley Hall Of Fame

This page is dedicated to documenting and celebrating all of the wonderful Wheatleys that people have built! I’ve collected a list of several so far, but I’m sure there are more out there. If you have made a Wheatley yourself or know someone who has, let me know! I’d love to add them to the Hall Of Fame!

Jennifer Sorrell (Furin)’s Wheatley Puppet


– An amazing, articulated hand puppet!

Laura San’s Wheatley Puppet


– A more cost effective version of Furin’s!

Alexander, Brooks, and Connor’s Animatronic Wheatley


– A Freshmen Engineering Project for Drexel University!

Mike (Bio-Bot)’s 1/2 Scale Wheatley Project


– An abandoned project to make a 1/2 scale RC Wheatley!

Slythenperior’s Mini Wheatley/Personality Core Build


– A seemingly abandoned project with fantastic detailed design!

Mario Mayer (ThePropBox)’s Animatronic Wheatley


– A seemingly abandoned, full-size 3D Printed Wheatley project. It’s the most detailed one I’ve ever come across!

Rio King’s Management-Rail-Mounted Robot Wheatley


– An awesome RC Wheatley Animatronic, Management Rail included! (Here’s an extra video to see how they made him!)

Genevieve Bee’s Robotic Wheatley


– Based on Furin’s Wheatley Puppet and my own Animatronic Wheatley v1.0!

CyberSage87AMV’s Animatronic Wheatley


– A very clean looking, purely animatronic Wheatley with multiple functions!

BlueWheatField’s Wheatley Figure


– A wonderful little basketball-sized poseable figure!

Chris Hooton’s 7″ Wheatley Figure


–  A poseable, hand-crafted prop replica that lights up!

GameGuyDave’s Personality Core Puppet


– A handmade prop that emulates multiple cores!

Ammnra’s 2″ Personality Core Figures


– Tiny but versatile figures, able to move very close to the ones in-game and completely customizable!

Cerb’s Articulated Wheatley from Portal 2


– An extremely detailed Wheatley figure made to 1/10 scale to match the Portal 2 NECA Action Figures! 3D Printable too!

Norwood Cosplay’s Animatronic Wheatley


– A father and child team who built a fully Animatronic Wheatley that hangs from a rail mounted to a Companion Cube, and is controlled by a wireless Portal Gun! This project is super neat!

PunishedProp’s Wheatley Figure


– A great-looking cosplay prop!

Zappender’s Wheatley Figure


– A detailed Wheatley figure that’s great for cosplay photos!

Justin M’s Animatronic Wheatley


– The first major audio animatronic he built, and recently restored to its former glory! (See also his GLaDOS animatronic!)

Snow Builder’s EVA Foam Wheatley Prop


– A very nice looking, lightweight Wheatley prop built for cosplay!

Mathias’ Wheatley


– A summer project to make his own Wheatley! Submitted via email.

Daniel Korgel’s Projection Wheatley

Projection Core

– An awesome animatronic that uses a projection sphere to animate Wheatley!

Steve Turner’s Alexa-Enabled Wheatley

Steve Turner Wheatley

– An simple yet effective animatronic that incorporates an Amazon Echo Dot to turn Wheatley into a fully functional desktop assistant!

RobotsWithRyan’s Space Core


– While not Wheatley, Ryan’s Space Core definitely deserves a spot on this list!

[I’m sure there are more Wheatley Projects out there. If you have made a Wheatley yourself or know someone who has, email me at animatronicwheatley@gmail.com ! I’d love to add them to the Hall Of Fame!]

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